Would you like a cigarette?

Have you seen smokers tapping a cigarette before lighting it, it’s pretty common here in Japan.

I’ve created a machine to automate that action. This is an ‘Automatic cigarette tapping machine’ .

I don’t smoke, but this is another quirky design by me!

This process takes time… About 20 minutes. But it’s worth it.

Please be patient :-)


The basket

Cargo This is the basket where we put the cigarette.

It is mainly built with Technic Series Parts.



The Tapping system

Photo1+As the axle with protuberance rotates, the basket lifts.

Photo2+As it continues to rotate, the basket drops to the ground.


Before and After

It takes 20 minutes to compress tabacco int the cigarette.


Please be patient…


FireExtinguisherI have prepared a fire extinguisher in case of fire.

IMG_1380 Smoking is bad for health. The operator is equipped an oxygen mask.



I hope you enjoyed the video!

Thank you for watching!

Note: I wrote this article with reference to the article that I wrote in DMM.make(http://dmm-make.com).

レゴでヘンな装置つくってみた。(3) ~たばこの葉っぱをつめてみた(前編)~ (In Japanese). DMM.make. 2014-07-22.
レゴでヘンな装置つくってみた。(4) ~たばこの葉っぱをつめてみた(後編)~ (In Japanese). DMM.make. 2014-07-23.

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