Toilet paper holder with Tachometer

This machine is a Toilet paper holder with Tachometer made of LEGO Blocks.

The ‘Paper holder part’ and ‘mechanism of a Tachometer’ are also made of LEGO Blocks only.

Sorry, It is not very useful. :-p


This Toilet paper holder has two indicators.

Indicator Do you look like the indicator? :-)
  1. Left side¬†meter is ‘Tachometer’. It measures how fast you pull the toilet paper.
  2. The Right side meter tells you how much toilet paper remains. …It is obvious if you look the paper… :-p

 Governor System (Speed regulator)

I have used the ‘Watt’s Governor System (Speed regulator)’ to build a tachometer.

GovernorSystem The faster it spins, the higher these arms rise. And, a central part is lifted.

The central part is linked to a Indicator.

So, the roll of toilet paper is linked to governor system, the faster you pull the toilet paper, the more the meter moves.

If your stomach is upset, the meter will reach the red zone. :-(


Remaining Meter

Another meter is remaining meter.

RemainMatre This meter has an arm. This arm is touching the toilet paper.

When the arm is lowered, the meter will move counterclockwise.

If run out of toilet paper then the paper remaining amount indicator will point to the red zone.


Prototype History

My build style is trial & error. I build many prototypes.
Well, I will introduce a some prototypes.

Prototype-01 First, I checked the width of the toilet paper and the thickness of roll, etc.
Prototype-02 I confirmed whether it can be installed in a restroom.
Prototype-03 A cover was also made, but this wasn’t adopted.
Prototype of Indicator
Prototype-04 It was the very complicated system at first, but it became simple gradually.
Prototype-03Implement a remaining meter.
Prototype-04Implement a Governor System.


I hope you enjoyed my works!

Please watch the Tachometer and Remaining meter to save your toilet paper.

Thank you!

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