The Zoetrope – Real LEGO 3D Animation –

Do you know what a zoetrope is?

A zoetrope is animation devices that using an afterimage. I made that with LEGO.
Usually,  ‘LEGO Animation’ means a stop motion animation, but this is a ‘Real’ 3D Animation! :-)

The figure seems to be jumping!


I made an octagon cylinder, and I arranged the 8 mini-figures with a different pose.

写真 2013-06-29 10 07 07写真 2013-06-29 10 07 34

But this prototype was not so good.
This animation is not smooth because there are not enough frames.
I thought the octagon weren’t enough…


Smooth Animation

So I made a dodecagon cylinder.

写真 2013-06-29 11 20 32
写真 2013-07-06 19 48 02This animation is smooth!


It’s a very important work for me.

写真 2013-06-29 10 07 24It seems to be the space station which has come out with a ‘2001:a space odyssey’.

Let’s decorate!

写真 2013-07-05 19 26 17This model looks like HAL9000, don’t you think so?

My studio

写真 2013-07-06 20 33 31This is my studio. :-)

What do you think of my small studio?

I hope you enjoyed the video!

Please share it to anybody!

Thank you!

Note: I wrote this article with reference to the article that I wrote in DMM.make(

レゴでヘンな装置つくってみた。(2)「ゾートロープ(回転覗き絵)」 (In Japanese). DMM.make. 2014-06-03.

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