The paint mixer

If you leave plastic paint sitting a long time, it separates.
I made a device with LEGO to settle this problem.
This device mixes the paint.

This is my first work of my quirky machines series.

Round and round!

Why made it?

IMG_0394I often use paint to build a “GUNPLA (Gundam plastic models)”.

I like GUNPLA. :-)

I had a problem that when the paint was left a long time, it separates.


So I built a mixing device with LEGO.


Why I came up with this?

I imagined this from a medical blood mixer in the hospital at my medical checkup.
I got an idea, I can make it from LEGO!



The structure is very simple.

01I used a motor, gears and wheels from cars to roll the paint.

The motor speed was too fast. So I combined gears to slow it down.
My style is trial and error. It’s good and easy with LEGO!



Decoration is also very important. :-)
(It’s meaningless but important to me.)

First are the warning lights like a factory.


And a operator for cuteness!
I have prepared a control panel for this machine.


When its finished…

I thought I’d like to introduce my machine to everyone.
It’s the first work I uploaded to Youtube and NicoNico-Douga.

Of course, people say it’s meaningless, it’s faster to shake by hand!
Other people say it’s cool or cute!
Some people say it’s useful and it’s usable too for example nail polish mixing.

Everyone’s comments motivated me so I continued to make a new (quirky) machines!


I hope you enjoyed the video!

Thank you for watching!


Note: I wrote this article with reference to the article that I wrote in DMM.make(

Reference:レゴでヘンな装置つくってみた。(1)プラカラー攪拌機 (In Japanese). DMM.make. 2014-06-02.


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