Bubble Wrap Popper

Do you like popping the bubble wrap?
Sorry, This machine robs your pleasure! This is the “Bubble Wrap Popper”.
Maybe it’s more fun to pop the bubble wrap by hand. :-p

Snap! Crackle! Pop! (Sometimes make a mistake.)


Why I came up with this?

One time, I was drunk and talking with my friends.
We talked about “What’s a meaningless thing?”.

I thought its meaningless and fun to pop the bubble wrap.
So, I thought of making a auto machine for popping the bubble wrap with LEGO.


This machine is very expensive!

In Japan, usually LEGO only sells full “kits”.
In order to get a block that I need, I must buy a kit, but I never build the kit.
I want only one part!

In recently, I use Internet shop that sell in each part. :-)



This machine is using one motor which supplies electricity from an USB.
2 actions are running by that motor, slide a bubble wrap sheet and pop the bubble.


It was very complicated but it was convenient to synchronize the 2 actions.



It’s meaningless but important to me. :-)

Of course, I requested a operator for operation of this machine.
And warning lights like a factory.factory

It’s cute and exciting!


About background music

This movie’s background music is “Marche” from The Nutcracker.
(Because this machine cracks things!)



This machine had a problem…

The bubble is not always sliding to center of pressure foot (bubble press parts).

pressure foot

When the bubble wrap was sliding to center of pressure foot, it will be crushed precisely.
But when the bubble wrap was sliding to non-center of pressure foot, it will not be crushed.

The problem cause is difference between distance of bubbles and sliding width.
Then the pressure foot will be not hit a center of bubble wrap, gradually.

However I settled this problem!
I will explain that machine in the next article!


Thank you!

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